Heade4r copyEvery compulsive desire or thought when acknowledged, examined, and rerouted, offers an opportunity for people to strengthen their desire to achieve long-term freedom from the consequences of compulsive behavior.

My approach to overcoming compulsive behaviors is based in changing neural pathways through educational training. I teach you to permanently correct the thinking that creates the feelings on which you act, rather than altering the behavior and hoping for long-term change.

As Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” My method encourages thinking purposefully and with intention, allowing freedom from compulsive behavior with a sense of calm and deliberation, as opposed to “toughing it out,” or “just hanging on.”

I provide a very concise, foundational script. We complete it together, using your personal input and documentation. Using this script enables you to “rewire your circuitry” from helplessly acting on compulsive urges to making a choice in the moment based on your long-term desire for health, happiness and peace of mind.


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